Chaplain’s Corner

Chaplain Frank Armentrout

Chaplain Frank

As I write this article for this month, I do so with a heavy heart. My best friend from the first grade went home to Heaven this morning.

Our life long friendship continued into our adult life as I talked him into enlisting in the Marine Corps with me on the Buddy Plan. After about 3 days at PI, he leaned over as we passed in the squad bay and said “Frank, I don’t think I like you anymore!”

We went on to become Marines and he was very proud to have served. We went to Vietnam together and ended up serving in the same Platoon together! 1st Battalion 1st Marines Charlie Co. squad 3. Ralph was my Squad leader and I was one of his fire team leaders. A lot of times he would walk point and I would walk cover. In Vietnam walking point meant you was looking for Booby-traps and person walking cover was looking for snipers hanging in trees or anyone that could bring harm to our squad! Therefore, we put our life’s in each others hands day by day.

I will miss my friend. My heart hurts. But I know something that gives me peace. He is now in Heaven! Many hours we talked about Jesus and Heaven and what a wonderful future we have ahead! So my grief is a little more bearable because I know the wonderful truth of that convection. I know that one day I will see my friend again!
Semper Fidelis,
Chaplain Frank